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Welcome to Fat Cat's Big Boy's Toys

If you are looking for car type forums check out The Rodders Roundtable
Contained in these pages you will find a variety of cars that I have owned, driven or worked on. I enjoy working on cars and really like to do bodywork, chassis conversions and wiring. Other Projects
This was my truck. I built this truck from the ground up. It's a 1963 GMC 1/2 ton. Converted it to 4-wheel drive by putting it on a 1974 Blazer chassis and added a 307 ci V-8 Chevy 400, turbo trans and 32" tall tires. I drive it all the time in about 4 years myself and my wife have put about 20,000 miles on it. I did all the body work myself and built my own bumpers. I added a box from a 75 chevy 1/2 ton stepside. It's painted 1992 Ford Calypso Green with GM dark green accents. It has power steering, seat, and brakes, tilt wheel, hidden trailer hitch, The engine is basically a stock 307 with a 2 barrel carb and an RV cam. Don't think because this is a nice looking truck that it sets in the garage all the time. I have spent plenty of time off road with this one. You don't make a 4x4 to not play with. This is my dad's car. This ones a 1965 Rambler Marlin. He bought it from a friend of mine with every a complete restoration in mind. It currently has a 460 ci big block chevy and 350 turbo trans. He Pro-Streeted it added Pro trac S-375's to it, and even was able to keep the full back seat. It's painted 1970 Chrysler Panther Pink, with Chrysler police cruiser wheels widened to 13" in the rear. It has a factory tilt wheel, power brakes, and steering. The engine is a 454 Chevy bored .030" over, 2-4 barrel carbs. Painted pink to match the outside of the car. See more of it at 1965 Rambler Marlin
Both of these vehicles were built by myself and my dad with the following exceptions. They were painted by Tim Mccarty. The Marlin's interior was done by Rob Lucarelli of Classic Auto Trim. Both were built in a family budget and we are very proud of both of them.
Here another view
This is a toy Road Grader that my father and myself built for my son for christmas in 1994. It started out life as a Dynamark lawn mower. It has a 10 hp briggs & straton engine. The blade is for looks only it doesn't work. The decal work was done by me.
This is a 1968 Camaro that belongs to Price Joesph, a friend of mine. It has a 468 ci Big Block Chevy, 400 turbo trans, 9 inch ford rear end, Pro-Trac S-375's, full roll cage, nitrous, and 4 link coil over rear suspension. This one is setup to be a drag car, it has never seen a drag strip. I took this car to a car show this last fall(where this picture was taken) and drove it home about 200 miles after another friend's car broke down and had to be trailered.
I am currently working on a Pro Street 1982 Mercury Lynx station wagon with a 350 V-8 chevy engine. Right now all the chassis work is done, and I am working on the sheet metal work. It will have Pro-Trac N-50-15 tire on the rear and 195-50-15 BFG's on the front. I have a narrowed 9 inch Ford rear end mounted on a custom built suspension utilizing the stock Escort coil springs. The front is suspended on a modified Mustang II front suspension. It has been converted to a two door by removing the 4 door center post and adding a 2 door quarter section. The front is going to be early LN7(Mercury's version of the EXP). As you can tell this car is a life's work in process. As near as I can figure this car should be called a 1982 Mercury LN7 panel delivery. Unfortunately for me I haven't had much time to work on it lately. More Photos
As you can tell we don't build trailer queens. We build all of our personal cars and all of our customers cars to be driven any time, any where.