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Welcome to the home of the Original Prolynx
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I am currently working on a Pro Street 1982 Mercury Lynx station wagon with a 350 V-8 chevy engine. Right now all the chassis work is done, and I am working on the sheet metal work. It will have Pro-Trac N-50-15 tire on the rear and 195-50-15 BFG's on the front. I have a narrowed 9 inch Ford rear end mounted on a custom built suspension utilizing the stock Escort coil springs. The front is suspended on a modified Mustang II front suspension. It has been converted to a two door by removing the 4 door center post and adding a 2 door quarter section. The front is going to be early LN7(Mercury's version of the EXP). As you can tell this car is a life's work in process. As near as I can figure this car should be called a 1982 Mercury LN7 panel delivery.
Car :1982 Mercury Lynx 4 Door Wagon
Motor :1982 Chevy 350
Front :

195-50-15 BF Goodrich Euro T/A
N50-15 Pro-Trac
Body ModsLN-7 Front Clip, Converted to 2 Door, Side Windows filled, Rear hatch split,
Taillight panel off of Escort sedan, Full Frame, Removed Roof Rack