Because without Doom Life would be..
Well Boring

Welcome to my Doom room!

I am a big fan of Doom, Doom II, Heretic, and Hexen by id Software.

I have been playing Doom for about 2 years. I first played Doom from the shareware version 1.1. I purchased it shortly there after. I then bought Doom II on the day it was released. I have also played Heretic from the shareware version, and I just purchased the commercial version of Heretic. I have The Ultimate Doom and Hexen. I recently bought a new Pentium machine and am now able to play Doom, Hexen, and Doom II via serial link. This is an awsome way to play these games.

These are some links to some of my favorite Doom web sites.

id Software Inc. (Only the home of DOOM)
Games Domain - Games related information site

Hexen & Heretic Specific Sites

Raven Software Home site of the makers of Heretic & Hexen
The Hexen Page has a walk through, FAQs, hints, tech specs and more Hexy links.

These are links to some of the other Video Games that I play

Science Fiction gaming

Stellar Crisis is a remarkable galactic conquest game playable over the Web.
Stars! Multiplayer stellar conquest through e-mail; the new rival to VGA Planets.

Fantasy Roleplaying

The Ultima Dragons' Internet chapter is a must for Ultima fans.

Graphic Adventures

The 11th Hour Page has hints, trouble shooting info, and the latest patches.

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