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This is a list of the manufactured cars from 1968 to present. I don't own these cars so I can't sell them. I have a cars for sale page. Those cars are for sale.

1996 Hot Wheels Four Car Series

There are 12 themed series of four vehicles each.Some of the series have been subject to changes as decisions are made on what castings will make it through a model year run. This page will be updated as each series actually makes it out to the shelves. Vehicle color(s) and wheels will be given as they are found.
Race Truck Series
#380Dodge Ram 1500Red - Variations with and without roof and hood tampos.
#381Kenworth Big RigSilver - Packaging through May indicated Ford LTL
#382'56 FlashsiderBlack
#383Nissan HardbodyDark Blue Metallic
Flame Thrower Series
#384`57 T-BirdWhite w/Gold Flames
#385HydroplaneYellow w/Red Flames
#386Range RoverRed w/Yellow Flames
#387Oshkosh SnowplowBlack w/Yellow Flames
Space Series
#388Radar RangerWhite
#389Lean MachineYellow/Dark Blue
#391TredatorLight Blue and Orange
Race Team Series
#392Ramp TruckBlue/White
#393Baja BugBlue
#394`57 ChevyBlue/White
Mod Bod Series
#396HummerPink with Flowers
#397School BusPurple
#398VW BugBlue
#399'67 CamaroFluorescent Green
Dark Rider Series
#400Big ChillBlack
#401Street BeastBlack Chrome
#403Power PistonsBlack Chrome
Sports Cars Series
#404Porsche 930Baseball - Lavender
#405Custom CorvetteFootball - Purple
#406CobraSoccer - White
#407'59 CaddyBasketball - Black
Splatter Paint Series
1 / 4Rescue Ranger
2 / 4Funny CarWhite
#410`55 ChevyYellow with Red splatters, neon red chassis and windows
#411Blown CamaroWhite
Street Eater Series
1 / 4Speed MachineRed/Green
2 / 4Silhouette IIPurple
3 / 4Propper ChopperBlue/Red
#415Roll PatrolBrown
Fast Food Series
1 / 4Power PipesFrench Fry Yellow
2 / 4Ferrari 355Pizza
#418Sweet StockerJelly Beans on Purple
4 / 4Monte Carlo StockerMulti-colored gumdrops
Silver Series
1 / 4CAT Dump TruckChrome
2 / 4Old #5Chrome/Red (Fire truck)
3 / 4BlimpChrome
4 / 4WeinermobileChrome
Fire Eater Series
1 / 4AmbulanceGreen
2 / 4Flame StopperYellow/Black
3 / 4Rescue RangerYellow
4 / 4Fire EaterRed

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