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This is a list of the manufactured cars from 1968 to present. I don't own these cars so I can't sell them. I have a cars for sale page. Those cars are for sale.
Hot Wheels 1984-1987 Car List
1984 Hot Wheels
1130Tricar X-81168Cat Fork Lift1169Peterbilt Cement Mixer
1171CAT Dump Truck1172CAT Bulldozer1173CAT Wheel Loader
1174 Highway Hauler1689Tank Truck1691Cannonade
1695Old Number 51696`37 Bugatti1699Airport Rescue
2014Hot Bird2019Sheriff Patrol2023Pepsi Challenger
2502Greased Gremlin2505Auburn 8522506Flat Out 442
2508Vetty Funny2639Fire Chaser3250Firebird Funny Car
3252`35 Classic Caddy3254Construction Crane3255Datsun 200SX
3256Team Bus3257Front Runnin' Fairmont3260Landlord
3288Ford Escort3290Rolls Royce3361Turbo Mustang
3364Dixie Challenger3911Mercedes3912Trash Truck
3913'67 Camaro3916Rig Wrecker3917Pontiac J2000
391880's Firebird3920Classic Packard3921Long Shot
3924Thunder Roller3925`82 Supra3927Racing Stocker
3928Peterbilt Dump Truck3955Firebird Funny Car4017'80's Corvette
4018Ford Stake Bed Truck4340Sunagon4341`56 Hi Tail Hauler
4342`31 Doozie4350Super Scraper435140's Woodie
4352`34 3 Window4353Dodge D-504354`63 Split Window
4355Bronco 4-Wheeler4357'57 T-Bird4360Baja Breaker
4361Bywayman4362Jeep CJ74365Turbo Streak
4366Formula Fever436740's Ford 2-Door4368Beach Patrol
4369Classic Cobra4370Jeep Scrambler4372Lightning Gold
4920Battle Tank4921Troop Carrier5179`55 Chevy
5182Camaro Z285900T-Bird Stocker59 01Blown Camaro
5902Sol-Aire CX45903Dodge Rampage5904Good Humor Truck
5905Oshkosh Snow Plow5906Phone Truck5907Baja Bug
5908`65 Mustang5909Dream Van5910Blazer 4X4
5911Turbo Heater7292Predator7293Flame Runner
7295Quick Trick7296Wind Splitter7299Speed Seeker
7647Torino Stocker7648P-911 Turbo7650Emergency Squad
7659Ramblin' Wrecker9241Corvette Stingray9244Neet Streeter
9638`57 Chevy9640Fire Eater9643Delivery Van

1985 Hot Wheels Originals
2505Auburn 8523364Dixie Challenger5910Blazer4X4
9521Screamin'9525Corvette Stingray3250Firebird Funny Car
3955Firebd Funny Car7530Tall Ryder9522'57 T-Bird
9526Sheriff Patrol1130Tri-Car X-83256Team Bus
4354Split Window '637531XT-39523Fat Fendered '40
9529Emergency Squad1695Old Number 53290Rolls Royce Phantom II
5908'65 Mustang7532Gultch Stepper9524Turbo Heater

9638'57 Chevy

1985 Hot Wheels Bash 'N Smash
7579Bang-Up Job7580Side banger7581Bumper Thumper
7582Top Bopper7821Smash Hit7823Smash Mobile
7824Speed Crasher7827Super Blaster9038Front Ender
9155Hood Basher7065Crash Patrol7066Smak Bak
7067Stocker Smasher7068Fire Smasher7069Hatch Popper

7070Sport Crasher

1985 The Hot Ones
1691Cannonade3918'80's Firebird3927Racing Stocker
5900Thunderbird Stocker7527Fiero 2M47648P-911 Turbo
2014Hot Bird3925'82 Supra3928'80's Corvette
5901Blown Camaro Z-287529Nissan 300ZX9531Mustang SVO
9532Camaro Z-28
9533Torino Tornado

1985 Ultra Hots
5902Sol-Aire CX-47299Speed Seeker9534Redliner
9536Street Scorcher9538Street Beast7293Flame Runner
7528Jet Sweep9535Silver Bullet9537Night Streaker
9539Aggressor4355Bronco 4-Wheeler4361ywayman
5903Dodge Rampage9541Good Ol'Pick-Um-Up9543Jeep CJ-7
9545Thunderstreak9547Jeep Scrambler4360Baja Breaker
4372Lightning Gold9540Dodge D-509542Pavement Pounder
9544Black Lightning9546Dream Van XGW9548Baja Bug

1985 Workhorses
1168CAT Forklift1171CAT Dump Truck3916Rig Wrecker
5904Good Humor Truck5906Phone Truck9550Peterbilt Dump Truck
1169Peterbilt Cement Truck1172CAT Bulldozer3924Thunder Roller
5905Oshkosh Snow Plow9549Hiway Hauler9551Ford Stake Bed Truck

1985 Action Command Military Vehicles
9379Troop Convoy9372Big Bertha9371Command Tank
9375Roll Patrol Jeep CJ9374Tank Gunner9373Super Cannon

1985 6-Car Gift Pack
5759Racer 6-Car Gift Pack576060's Teen 6-Car Gift Pack5849 Competition 6-Car Gift Pack
3757City 6-Car Gift Pack9855Classic 6-Car Gift Pack1989 Weekend 6-Car Gift Pack

1986 Hot Wheel-Originals
5910Blazer 4X43250Firebird Funny Car3955Firebird Funny Car
7531XT-37530Tall Ryder7562Gulch Stepper
2532Screamin4354`63 Split Window2528Poppa Vette
2525Tri-Car X-83290Rolls Royce Phantom II43523-Window`34
2527Auburn 8523911Mercedes 540K5908`65 Mustang Convertible
2529Classic Caddy253040's Woodie2533`31 Doozie

2526`37 Bugatti

1986 Hot Ones
2014Hot Bird2520Race Ace2522Stock Rocket
2523`55 Chevy2524Highway Heat3918`80's Firebird
3925`82 Supra Vehicle<>3928`80 Corvette5900Thunderbird Stocker
5901Blown Camaro Z-287527Fiero 2M47592Nissan 300ZX
7648P-911 Turbo9525Corvette Stingray9526Sheriff Patrol
9531Mustang SVO9532Camaro Z-289638`57 Chevy

1986 Ultra Hots
2543Flashfire2544Back Burner2546Jet Sweep X5
5902Sol-Aire CX47299Speed Seeker9534Redliner
9535Silver Bullet9537Nightstreaker9538Street Beast

9539Wind Splitter

1986 Hot Wheels Real Riders
2534Path Beater2535Classic Cobra2536`57 T-Bird
2537Rescue Ranger2538Power Plower2539Jeep CJ7
2540Thunderstreak2541Jeep Scrambler2542Baja Bug
4355Bronco 4-Wheeler4360Baja Breaker4361Bywayman
4372Lightning Gold9555Black Lightning2802XV Challenger

1986 X-V Racers
2567Gyracer2568Ultra-Sonix2568Hyper Twister
2570Stunt Racer
2571Speed Spinner

1986 Flip Outs
2280Road Flipper2281Flipper Snapper2283Vaultin' Van
2289Flippin' Frenzy
2290Drag Flip

1986 Crack-Ups
2555Slammer2556Super Denter2558Sidegrinder
7068Fire Smasher7578Back Biter Vehicle2557Knocker Stocker
2559Bangster7070Sport Crasher7579Bank Up Job
7582Top Bopper2561Smash Mobile7572Crunch Chief
7580Sidebanger7824Speed Crasher9038Front Ender
7067Stocker Smasher7577Blind Sider7581Bumper Thumper
7827Super Blaster
9155Hood Basher

1986 Speed Demons
2057Double Demon2058Cargoyle2059Fangster
2060Vampyra2061Turboa2062Eevil Weevil

1986 5-Car Gift Packs
1156Classic 5-Car
1158Ultra Hots 5-Car
1159Racers 5-Car1161Super Sportscars 5-Car

1986 Smash & Tow Gift Pack
2164 Body Swappers

1986 Workhorses
1695Old Number 53924Thunder Roller3256Team Bus
1169Peterbilt Cement Truck1171CAT Du mp Truck1172CAT Bulldozer
3916Rig Wrecker5904Good Humor Truck5905Oshkosh Snow Plow
9550Peterbilt Dump Truck9551Ford Stake Bed Truck9640Fire-Eater
1173CAT Wheel Loader2547Peterbilt Tank Truck2458Hiway Hauler Vehicle

1986 Action Command
9372Big Bertha9373Super Cannon9374Tank Gunner
9379Troop Convoy9371Command Tank9375Roll Patrol Jeep CJ
2519Combat Medic
2518Shell Shocker

1987 Hot Wheels Stunt Rats
3006Desert Rat3007Sand Runner3008Scatterratt
3009Dirt Dart3010Road Rat3011Off-Road

1987 Hypercycles
4158Moto-Crossed4159Street Wheeler4160Street Feat

1987 Classics
1448Corvette Stingray1454Nissan 300ZX1456Thunderburner
1457`80 Corvette1458Fiero 2M414753-Window `34
1483Firebird Funny Car1486Split Window '631491Thunderstreak
1497Mightatreaker1500Road Torch1512Speed Seeker
1538`57 Chevy1542`65 Mustang Convertible1897Ferrari Testarossa
2014Hot Bird2523`55 Chevy2525Tricar X8
2526'37 Bugatti2529Classic Caddy2530`40 Woody
2533'31 Doozie2535Classic Cobra2536`57 T-Bird
2546Jet Sweep X52558Power Plower3250Firebird Funny Car
3290Rolls Royce Phantom II3860Chevy Nomad3911Mercedes 540K
3918`80 Firebird5901Blown Camaro Z-285902Sol-Aire CX4
7531XT-37648P-911 Turbo9532Camaro Z-28
9535Silver Bullet
9538Street Beast

1987 Trailbusters
3716Monster Vette3209Suzuki Quadracer1516Gulch Stepper
1520Bronco 4-Wheeler2534Path Beater2539Jeep CJ-7
2541Jeep Scrambler2542Baja Bug4360Baja Breaker
4361Bywayman5910Blazer 4X47530Tall Ryder

1987 Action Command
4059Tail Gunner3338Assault Crawler2518Shell Shocker
2519Combat Medic9371Command Tank9372Big Bertha
9573Super Cannon9374Tank Gunner9375Roll Patrol

9379Troop Convoy

1987 Speed Demons
2057Double Demon2058Cargoyle2059Fangster
2060Vampyra2061Turboa2062Eevil Weevil

1987 Workhorses
1169Peterbilt Cement Truck1171CAT Dump Truck1172CAT Bulldozer
1173CAT Wheel Loader1565Hiway Hauler1695Old Number 5
2537Rescue Ranger2853CAT Vehicle3715CAT Earth Mover
2547Peterbilt Tank Truck3256Team Bus3916Rig Wrecker
3924Thunder Roller5904Good Humor Truck5935Oshkosh Snow Plow
9526Sheriff Patrol9550Peterbilt Dump Truck9640Fire-Eater

1987 5-Car Gift Pack
1156Classics1158Ultra Hots1161Super Sportscars
2817Body Swappers2164Smash & Tow1159Racers
1987 X-V Racers
2568Ultra-Sonix2571Speed Spinner2569Hyper Twister

2570Stunt Racer

1987 Flip Outs
2280Road Flipper2281Flipper Snapper2283Vaultin Van
2289Flippin' Frenzy
2290Drag Flip

1987 Crack-Ups
1730Wreckin Rig1731Deformula 11802Cab Cruncher
1803Indentor7065Crash Patrol2555Slammer
2556Super Denter2557Knockertocker2558Sidegrinder
2559Bangster2561Smash Mobile7067Stocker Smasher
7068Fire Smasher7070Sport Crasher7527Crunch Chief
7577Blind Side7578Back Biter7579Bang-Up Job
7580Sidebanger7581Bumper Thumper7582Top Bopper
7824Speed Crasher9038Front Ender9155Hood Basher
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