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This is a list of the manufactured cars from 1968 to present. I don't own these cars so I can't sell them. I have a cars for sale page. Those cars are for sale.
1993 Super Attack Pack
1853Big Bones

1993 Super Attack Pack with Sound
3170Big Chill3178Jungle Jaws3171Grizzlor

1993 Key Force Cycles
3704Jet Threat
3703Road Kill

1993 Key Force
1864Swingshot1863Cutthroat3727Police Car Keymander
3724Limousine Head lock10146Interceptor5551Storm Chopper

10373Battle Bug

1993 Streex
Battle Streex X-PlodersBattle Streex 5-PLoders with Super LauncherBattle Streex Sky Chuters

Battle Streex Sky Chuters with Super Launcher

1995 Collector Car Series Race Team - cars with race car graphics
277 12795Side Splitter
275 12794Lumina Stocker
276 12803Hot Wheels 500278 13265Dragster

Krackle Car Series - cars with krackle paint
280 13267Sharkruiser
281 13268Turboa
282 13269'63 Split Window284 13271Flashfire

Steel Stamp Series - cars with metallic stripes and flames
285 13272Steel Passion
287 13274Zender Fact 4
289 13276'56 Flashsider290 13277'57 Chevy

Pearl Driver Series - cars with colors that glow
292 13279Passion
295 13282Talbot Lago
293 13280VW Bug296 13283Jaguar XJ220

Dark Rider Series - cars with black metallic paint
300 13287Rigor Motor
299 13286Silhouette II
13280Splittin' Image II13283Twin Mill II

Roarin' Rods Series - cars with wild animal prints
13289Mini Truck
13291Roll Patrol13290Street Roader

Hot Hubs Series - cars with day glow hubcaps
13297Shadow Jet

Speed Gleamer Series - cars with shiny engines and bodies
132993Window '34
13301Twin Mill II13300T-Bucket

Real Rider Series - cars and trucks with Real Rider Tires
13304Dump Truck
13306Ford Stake Bed Truck13308Porsche

Silver Series - cars with metallic silver bodies
13309Fire Eater
13315School Bus
13312 Propper Chopper13310Rodzilla

Photo Finish Series - cars with photographs of city skylines
13316School Bus
13318Aerostar13322Hiway Hauler

Racing Metals Series - cars with metallic bodies
13324Ramp Truck
13327Dream Car
13325Camaro13323Off-Road Race truck

1995 New Models
13610Mercedes SL13609Speed Blaster2015'58 Corvette Coupe
13340Camaro Convertible13341Speedasaurus13342Hydroplane
13343Power Pipes13344Dodge Ram Truck13345MacLAREN
13346Power Pistons13347Snowmobile13348Power Rocket
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