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1968 - 1983 Hot Wheels Car List
1968 Hot Wheels
6205Custom Cougar6206Custom Mustang 6207Custom T-Bird
6208Custom Camaro6209 Silhouette6210Deora
6211Custom Barracuda 6212Custom Firebird6213Custom Fleetside
6214 Ford J-Car6215Custom Corvette6217Beatnik Bandit
6218Custom El Dorado6219Hot Heap6220 Custom Volkswagen

1969 Hot Wheels
6216Python6250Classic `32 Ford Vicky6251Classic `31 Ford Woody
6252Classic`57 Bird 6253Classic`36 Ford Coupe6254Lola GT 70
6255 Mclaren MGA6256Chapparral 2G6257Ford MK IV
6261Splittin Image6262Lotus Turbine6263 Indy Eagle
6264Brabham Repco FI6265Shelby Turbine 6266Custom Continental Mark III
6267Custom AMX6268 Custom Charger6269Police Cruiser
6274Volkswagen Beach Bomb6275Mercedes 280SL6276Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

6277Maserati Mistral

1970 Hot Wheels
6400Red Baron6401The Demon6402Paddy Wagon
6403Sand Crab6404Classic Nomad6405 Nitty Gritty Kitty
6406Boss Hoss6407TNT Bird 6408Heavy Chevy
6409Snake Funny Car6411King 'Cuda6412Light my Firebird
6413 Seasider6414Custom Maverick6415Corvette
6416Porsche 9176417Ferrari 312P6418 Sugar Caddy
6419Peeping Bomb6420Carabo 6421Jack Rabbit Special
6422Swingin' Wing6423 The Mantis6424Tri-Baby
6456Mod Quad6457 Whip Creamer6458Hairy Hauler
6459Power Pad 6460AMX/2646lJeep (Grass Hopper)
6466 Cockney Cab6467Olds 4426469Fire Chief Cruiser
6471Evil Weevil6472Classic Cord6499 Boss Hoss Silver Special

6410Mongoose Funny Car

1970 Heavy Weights
6450Tow Truck6451 Ambulance6452Cement Mixer
6453Dump Truck 6454Fire Engine6455Moving Van

1970 Rrrumblers
6010Road Hog6011High Tailer6031Mean Machine
6032 Rip Snorter60483-Squealer6049Torque Chop

1971 Hot Wheels
5953Snake II5954Mongoose II5951Snake Rail Dragster
5952Mongoose Rail Dragster6000Noodle Head 6001What-4
6003Six Shooter6006Special Delivery6175Hood
6176Short Order6177T-4-2 6178Bugeye
6179Jet Threat6183Pit Crew Car 6184Ice T
6185Mutt Mobile6186Rocket Bye Baby6187Bye Focal

6188Strip Teaser

1971 Heavyweights
6018Fuel Tanker6019Team Trailer6020 Snorkel
6192Waste Wagon6193Scooper6194 Racer Rig
6454Fire Engine6455Moving Van 6468S'Cool Bus

1972 Hot Wheels
5699Rear Engine Mongoose 5856Rear Engine Snake58810pen Fire
6005 Funny Money6021Ferrari 512S6022Side Kick

6169Mercedes Benz

1972 Rrrumblers
5872Straight Away5873Devils Deuce5883Roamin' Candle
5947 Bold Eagle5948Choppin' Chariot5949Revolution

1972 Farbs
5850 Hy Gear5851Myles Ahead5853Red Catchup

5854Hot Rodney

1973 Hot Wheels
5880Double Header6004Superfine Turbine6007Sweet 16
6962Mercedes 280SL6963Police Cruiser 6964Red Baron
6965Prowler6966Paddy Wagon6967Dune Daddy
6968Alive `556969Snake 6970Mongoose
6971Street Snorter6972 Porsche 9176973Ferrari 213P
6974Sand Witch 6975Double Vision6976Buzz Off
6977 Zploder6978Mercedes C1116979Hiway Robber
6980Ice T6981Odd Job6982Show-off

1973 Rrrumblers
4935Centurion6644Praying Menace6645Bone Shaker

6657Rip Code

1973 Revvers
6985Draggin Dagger6986Buzzin' Bomb6987 Stingin' Thing
6988Haulin' Horses6996Burnin' Box 6997Jettin' Vette
6998Passin' Pride
6999Towin' Terror

1974 Hot Wheels
7616Rash 17617Carabo 7618Winnipeg
7619Heavy Chevy7620 Volkswagen7621Funny Money
7622Grass Hopper 7630Top Eliminator8258Baja Bruiser
8259 Rodger Dodger8260Steam Roller8261Sir Rodney Roadster
8262Breakaway Bucket
8273El Rey Special

1975 Hot Wheels
6967Dune Daddy7644Mustang Stocker7647 Torina Stocker
7648P-9117649Super Van 7650Emergency Squad
7651Sand Drifter7652 Gremlin Grinder7653Mighty Maverick
7654War Path 7655Tough Customer7658Vega Bomb
7659 Ramblin' Wrecker7660Monte Carlo Stocker7661Paramedic
7662American Victory7664Gun Slinger7665 Chief's Special
7666Ranger Rig7668Motorcross 7669Street Eater
7670Backwoods Bomb7671 Chevy Monza 2+28272Large Charge

1975 Super Chromes
9201Gremlin Grinder9202Monza 2+29203Mustang Stocker
9204 P-9179205Super Van9206P-911
9207 Prowler9208Steam Roller9209Mighty Maverick
9210Alive '559211Large Charge9212Heavy Chevy

1976 Hot Wheels
8272Large Charge7658Vega Bomb7659 Ramblin' Wrecker
7649Toys "R" Us Van7671Chevy Monza 2+27660Monte Carlo Stocker
7670Backwoods Bomb 7622Grass Hopper6967Dune Daddy
7651 Sand Drifter9089American Tipper9118American Hauler
9244Neet Streeter9119Formula 50009240 Poison Pinto
8235Jet Threat II9184Maxi Taxi 9031Formula P.A.C.K.
9184Maxi Taxi9241 Corvette Stingray8240Twin Mill II
9185Lowdown 9521Staff Car9090Gun Bucket
9243 Aw Shoot9183Khaki Kooler9186Inferno
9120Cool One9242Street Rodder9088 Rock Buster

1977 Hot Wheels
9647`57 Hi-Tail Hauler8259Rodger Dodger 7644Mustang Stocker
9793Thrill Driver Torino9185 Lowdown6967Buzz Off
9644Second Wind 8258Baja Bruiser9649'31 Doozie
9648 T-Totaller9621Funny Money9646Show Hoss II
9643Letter Getter9206P-9119641Spoiler Sport
9642Odd Rod9638`57 Chevy9640 Fire Eater
7670Backwoods Bomb7630Top Eliminator9645GMC Motor Home

9639 Z Whiz

1978 Hot Wheels
2013`57 T-Bird2012 Jaguar XJS8235Jet Threat II
9037Formula P.A.C.K. 9207Prowler7662American Victory
2016A-OK 2015Packin' Pacer2014Hot Bird
9120Cool One 2022Baja Breaker2018Science Friction
2021 Race Bait 3082020Stagefright2023Army Funny Car
2019Highway Patrol
2017Lickety Six

1979 Hot Wheels
2851Captain America2850The Incredible Hulk2852 Spider Man
2853Motocross Team2854S.W.A.T. Van 2879Captain America
2855Space Van2878 The Incredible Hulk2880Thor
2882The Thing 9205California Cruisin'2881Human Torch
2507 Dumpin' A2877Spider-Man2506Flat Out 442
2501Royal Flash2503Spacer Racer7660 Monte Carlo Stocker
2500Up Front 9242508Vetty Funny 2511Bubble Gunner
9211Large Charge2509 Bywayman7647Torino Stocker
2502Greased Gremlin 2504Hare Splitter2510Inside Story
9646Show Hoss II2639Fire Chaser7649Toys "R" Us
2505 Auburn 8522012Jaguar XJS2878Spoiler Sport
1457Corvette Stingray9639Z-Whiz6417 Ferrari 308

6212Hot Bird

1980 Hot Wheels
1127Greyhound MC-8 1169Peterbilt Cement Mixer1129Superscraper
1134 Turbo Wedge1126Stutz Blackhawk1133Dodge D-50
1130Tricar X81125Turbo Mustang1131 40's Woodie
11323-Window `347648P-911 Turbo 1168CAT Forklift
9647`56 Hi-Tail Hauler1173 CAT Wheeler Loader1172CAT Bulldozer
1171 CAT Dump Truck1174Hiway Hauler1136Split Window`63

1135`Vette Van

1981 Hot Wheels
3301 Iron Man1689Peterbilt Tank Truck3300Silver Surfer
3303Circus Cats1690Bronco 4-Wheeler1700 Mirada Stocker
1693Chevy Citation1694 Turismo9649`31 Doozie
1697Minitrek 3361Turbo Mustang1699Airport Rescue
1695 Old Number 53364Dixie Challenger3362Chevy Citation
3304Rescue Squad3305Racing Team1696 '37 Bugatti
1691Cannonade1692Omni 024 1698Cadillac Seville
7630Top Eliminator8258 Baja Bruiser2019Sheriff Patrol
3259Jeep CJ-7 3955Firebird Funny Car3250Firebird Funny Car

1982 Hot Wheels
2021Race Bait 3083258Aries Wagon3260 Land Lord
7648P-911 Turbo7644Mustang Stocker 3261380 SEL
3281Peugeot 5053361 Turbo Mustang1136Split Window `63
2023 Pepsi Challenger1126Stutz Blackhawk3252 `35 Classic Caddy
3253Ford Dump Truck5179`55 Chevy 2014Packin' Pacer
9241Corvette Stingray3912 Trash Truck3256Rapid Transit
5182Camaro Z28 1135Vette Van5181Taxi
3911Mercedes 9639Z Whiz2501Royal Flash
9641Spoiler Sport9037Malibu Grand Prix2018Science Friction
5270 Personnel Carrier5272Battle Tank5268Megadestroyer 2
5269Megadestroyer 15271Megafighter 3254Construction Crane

2013`57 T-Bird

1983 Hot Wheels
1174Highway Hauler1690Toys "R" Us Bronco 4 Wheeler5180P-928
3251Sunagon 2500Up Front 9243257Front Runnin' Fairmont
3255Datsun 200SX3919`40's Ford 2-Door 4341`56 HI Tail Hauler
7659Ramblin' Wrecker 4339Up Front 9244350Super Scraper
3918`80's Firebird1697Mini Trek1692Omni 024
2508Vetty Funny 392880`s Corvette3288Ford Escort
5182 Camaro Z-284365Turbo Streak2506Flat Out 442
3923Classic Cobra1130Tricar X84018 Ford Stake Bed Truck
4370Jeep Scrambler 3917Pontiac J-20004017Peterbilt Dump Truck
3955 Firebird Funny Car4355Bronco 4 Wheeler3925`82 Supra
3921Long Shot3924Thunder Roller1174Hiway hauler

4364BMW M1
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