Below is a list of Rookie of the Year winners from 1958 to 1996. I gleaned this information from the 1997 Official Nascar Preview and Press Guide. I intend to add the winners as they are announced. If you have a Rookie Winner page that you think might be a nice link to their name send it to me and I will check it out, and possibly add a link to it.

YearDriver YearDriver YearDriver YearDriver
1958Shorty Rollins 1959Richard Petty 1960David Pearson 1961Woodie Wilson
1962Tom Cox 1963Billy Wade 1964Doug Cooper 1965Sam McQuagg
1966James Hylton 1967Donnie Allison 1968Pete Hamilton 1969Dick Brooks
1970Bill Dennis 1971Walter Ballard 1972Larry Smith 1973Lennie Pond
1974Earl Ross 1975Bruce Hill 1976Skip Manning 1977Ricky Rudd
1978Ronnie Thomas 1979Dale Earnhardt 1980Jody Ridley 1981Ron Bouchard
1982Geoff Bodine 1983Sterling Marlin 1984Rusty Wallace 1985Ken Schrader
1986Alan Kulwicki 1987Davey Allison 1988Ken Bouchard 1989Dick Trickle
1990Rob Moroso 1991Bobby Hamilton 1992Jimmy Hensley 1993Jeff Gordon
1994Jeff Burton 1995Ricky Craven 1996Johnny Benson 1997Mike Skinner
1998Kenny Irwin Jr. 1999Tony Stewart 2000 ? 2001 ?

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