This page is a constant reminder of those people who were an inspiration to all of us, and lost they're lives doing what they wanted.

Davey Allison

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Neil Bonnett is a man who I had a lot of respect for. I became a Neil Bonnett fan as a follower of Bobby Allison. As a member of the (Alabama Gang), Neil had a wonderful career driving for the likes of the Wood Bros., Rahmoc, and Junior Johnson. I was one of the many who was just glad to see him return to broadcasting after his accident. I was an avid fan of "Winners" on TNN. I loved to watch races that were commentated by him. He seemed to have a knack for telling the same info over and over again without you thinking gee haven't you told that story, like five times already this season. I remember when I learned of his death, it was a shock to me because he had survived so much.

Neil Bonnett Career Wins
YearDateRace TrackCar OwnerCar Make
197709/11Richmond Fairgrounds RacewayJim StacyDodge
11/20Ontario Motor SpeedwayJim StacyDodge
197905/20Dover Downs Intl SpeedwayWood BrothersMercury
07/04Daytona Intl SpeedwayWood BrothersMercury
11/04Atlanta Intl RacewayWood BrothersMercury
198007/27Pocono Intl RacewayWood BrothersMercury
08/03Alabama Intl Motor SpdwyWood BrothersMercury
198109/07Darlington RacewayWood BrothersFord
09/20Dover Downs Intl SpdwyWood BrothersFord
11/08Atlanta Intl RacewayWood BrothersFord
198205/30Charlotte Motor SpeedwayWood BrothersFord
198305/29Charlotte Motor SpeedwayRahMoc-HodgdonChevrolet
11/06Atlanta Intl RacewayRahMoc-HodgdonChevrolet
198503/03N. Carolina Motor SpdwyJunior JohnsonChevrolet
04/21N. Wilkesboro SpeedwayJunior JohnsonChevrolet
198610/19N. Carolina Motor SpdwyJunior JohnsonChevrolet
198802/21Richmond Fairgrounds RcwyRahMocPontiac
03/06N. Carolina Motor SpdwyRahMocPontiac

Wood Brothers Car

 Maxwell House Alan Kulwicki picture
Alan Kulwicki was also a true racing hero. I was so pleased to watch him win the 1992 Winston Cup Championship, but only because Davey Allison was involved in a early incident at Atlanta. I feel that the current crop of Owner/Driver teams that you see in Winston Cup racing right now was spurred on by Alan's rise from nowhere to Champion inspired these men to strive for the same thing. I had hoped to get the chance to meet Alan in late 1993 at MIS. I instead got to meet Jimmy Hensley who I feel was just as good as Alan was at pleasing the fans.

I will never forget when and how I found out that Alan had pasted away. I work 2nd shiftso I very seldom get home before midnite, and never get up before 10 am. I had worked overtime the night before so I was sleeping in on that day. I got up about 1 pm to get ready for work. I left my house and got into my car, on the steering wheel there was a note from a buddy of mine. It read
"Frank, Alan Kulwicki died in a plane crash last night in Bristol. Call me at work. Mike"
Well it was April 1st so knowing this buddy I figured it was a prank, so I just threw the note on the passengers seat and left for work. After I got to work I called him and found out it wasn't a joke. I was stunned. I didn't have anything on my mine the rest of the night.

After Davey died I was totally devastated I didn't know if I could continue to watch racing. I had lost 2 of my heroes in a short time frame, so I felt the only way to ease the pain was to show my colors to the world. I made two decals for my cars the first was a red "28", and the other was a Black "7". I put these in the back window, the decals were about 14" tall so that there was no mistake of whom I was a fan. I have a new image that was sent to me by a fellow fan, This image was taken at the Alabama Motorsports Hall of Fame. It belongs to Jody Colley ( I am using the images with his permission.

Alan Kulwicki Picture Copyright Jody Colley <>
Alan Kulwicki Career Wins
YearDateTrackCar OwnerCar Make
198811/06Phoenix Intl RacewayAK RacingFord
199010/21N. Carolina Motor SpdwyAK RacingFord
199108/24Bristol Intl RacewayAK RacingFord
199204/05Bristol Intl RacewayAK RacingFord
06/14Pocono Intl RacewayAK RacingFord

The section is my Tribute page to Elmo Langley
Elmo Langley-picture from Nascar Online Website
I feel that we all were taken aback by the death of Elmo from a heart attack as we had not heard of any problems recently. I sat in stunned disbelief as I read those words "Elmo Langley dies of apparent heart attack in Suzuka, Japan." Elmo had quite a few friends in Nascar and quite a few fans out here in the real world. I would like to think I was one of them
John Nemechek

I was shocked to hear that John had passed away from his injuries as the day before I read that he was improving. I personally wasn't a fan of John's. I am a fan of sorts of Joe Nemechek is I pulled for John if I saw that he was in a situation that was to his liking. I would like to have any info that anyone could give me so I can make this section that most up to date.
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