Nascar's Man on a mission. Ernie is a man who I felt for a long time as a guy who really shouldn't be running Winston Cup cars. Now before you jump down my throat, I said felt not feel! I saw a man who was wrecking race cars, finishing in the middle of the pack, and talking things he really shouldn't. I personally blamed Ernie for knocking Davey Allison out at Atlanta in 92, even though in my heart I knew it wasn't done on purpose. I am a BIG supporter of Robert Yates Racing, and was real disappointed when it was announced than Ernie would be the new driver of the #28. I however gained a lot of respect for him, when he dedicated his first win in the 28 car to Davey. I have since found him to be at the very least remarkable. I was very disappointed in the announcement that Ernie would not be back in the 28 car in 1998.
Ernie has made a move to a new home this year. He is driving the MB2 Motorsports M & M's car.
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1998 Season Update
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Career Highlights

15 Winston Cup wins;tied for 38th on the all-time list
10 Super speedway wins;tied for 19th on the all-time list
18 Winston Cup poles;tied for 33rd on the all-time list
Won 1991 Daytona 500
Won Daytona 500 qualifying race in 1994 and 1996
$1 million or more won 4 of last 6 years
$500,000 or more won six of the last 7 years
First win came in 79th start, Busch 500 on Aug. 25,1990 at Bristol
First Super speedway win came in 89th start(64th on supers), Daytona 500 on Feb. 17,1991
First pole came in 65th attempt, Valleydale Meats 500 on April 7,1990 at Bristol
First Super speedway pole came in 72nd attempt(51st on supers), Miller Draft 500
on June 15,1990 at Pocono
6,396,478 won in career (215 races); 18th on all-time list
4,257,439 won on super speedways (157 races); 18th on all-time list
Finished 14th in 1997 Winston Cup standings
Finished 10th in 1996 Winston Cup standings
Finished 48th in 1995 Winston Cup standings
Finished 22nd in 1994 Winston Cup standings
Finished 6th in 1993 Winston Cup standings
Finished 11th in 1992 Winston Cup standings
Finished 5th in 1991 Winston Cup standings
Finished 9th in 1990 Winston Cup standings
Finished 22nd in 1989 Winston Cup standings
Finished 26th in 1988 Winston Cup standings
3 Busch series wins; tied for 31st on the all-time list
5 Busch series poles; tied for 24th on the all-time list
Became 38th Winston Cup driver to win $1 million by winning the Daytona 500 on Feb. 17, 1991 It took 89 races
Became 17th driver to Win $5 million with 15th place finish in The Winston Select on May 21, 1994 at Charlotte
Became 18th driver to Win $6 million with 31st place finish in Winston Select 500 on April 28, 1996 at Talladega
Personal Statistics
Car Owner Tom Beard,
Nelson Bowers
and Read Morton
MB2 Motorsports Crew Chief Picture Not
yet available
Ryan Pemberton
Car Make Pontiac Sponsor Skittles
Hometown Salinas, Calif. Birth date January 13, 1959
Height 5' 9" Weight 180
Marital Status Wife, Kim Children Jordan Leah, Jarod Lawrence
Ernie Irvan Career Standings
YearCar OwnerRacesPoles1st2nd 3rdMoney Won
1999 MB2 Motorsports Check out Ernie's current Stats 1,055,775
1998MB2 Motorsports 3030001,454,241
1997 Robert Yates322 1201,492,739
1996 Robert Yates311 2201,480,167
1995Robert Yates 30000 54,875
1994Robert Yates 2053621,311,522
1993 Robert Yates12 434 31,400,468
Larry Morgan18
1992Larry Morgan2933 21996,885
1991Larry Morgan2912 301,079,017
1990Larry Morgan26 312 1535,280
Juney Donlavey3
1989D.K. Ulrich2900 00155,329
1988D.K. Ulrich2500 0097,570
1987D.K. Ulrich3 000 023,050
Marc Reno2
Career Totals 216 17 17 18 7 8,626,902

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