How Winston Cup Points Are Awarded
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In addition to finishing order points, there are 10 extra bonus points that can be earned. Any driver who leads at least one lap earns 5 bonus points, and the driver that leads the most laps in the race earns an additional 5 points.

Provisional starts are awarded to regular Winston Cup drivers to aid them in qualifying for a race in case their qualifying speed is not fast enough to get them into the race. Each race has 4 provisionals available to car owners (not drivers) in the top 40 in points. For the first 4 races of the season, the top 40 is determined from the previous season's final point standings. Each of those teams starts the season with 4 available provisionals, and can earn 1 more every 8 races -- up to a maximum of 7 per year. In addition to the 4 standard provisional starting positions at each race, there is 1 champions provisional available. If a previous Winston Cup Champion doesn't make a race based on their time trial, this 5th provisional is added for the race. If 2 champions need this provisional then it is awarded to the most recent champion.