These Pictures are not taken by a professional. I however retain all copyrights on them. Note: these pictures are a long d/l at 14.4 k
 Melling No. 9 over the tunnelThis is the Melling Ford over the tunnel in turn #1
Ernie Irvan-StartThis is Ernie Irvan taking the green flag for his first qualifying lap at MIS since August 1994
Ernie Irvan-FinishAnd here he is taking the checkered flag after Qualifying
Dale Earnhardt This is Dale Earnhardt over the tunnel
Rusty WallaceThis is Rusty Wallace over the tunnel
Pit road from the grandstandThis is Pit road right before Qualifying
Jeff Gordon from Pit
road Jeff Gordon crossing the start/finish line
from on pit road
Jeff BurtonJeff Burton entering the garage area
Kenny WallaceKenny Wallace entering the garage area
Ken Schrader entering the garage area Ken Schrader
Derrick CopeDerrick Cope entering the garage area
Wally Dallenbach entering the garage Wally Dallenbach